My Personal Recount

Hello World it is your boiiiiiiii Water here. I have learned about how to make a recount. a recount needs to include words like, first, second. third, finally. Also, it needs to be a memory from the past.

Here is my recount of warrrrrrrr:

                           PERSONAL RECOUNT

                      PREP FOR MINECRAFT  WAR

                        “Ezra Remember… Ezra…”


First, I joined Eliezer’s server and got killed by Sasha 100 times. Let me explain to you what I’m talking about. A couple weeks ago, I joined my friend’s Minecraft server and I spawned. (Little did I know in a few weeks there would be a war!)


Then, I found Eliezer and he told me to join the meet. There were other people who joined the meet as well. There was me, my brother Asher, Eliezer (who we just met!) Sasha, Sam and Nate. I could not find the meeting so I told Eliezer in the Minecraft chat and he sent me an email inviting me to join the meet. When I finally logged on, Eliezer had to go! 


Next, during the game, I was met with two enemies. I didn’t know they were my enemies until Nate told me! Luckily I then saw Nate and he took me to our base. 


After, Nate told me to log off right away because he didn’t want me to get killed. Sasha and Sam were going to come to our base and we didn’t know if they were going to grief, if they were hiding or if they would steal from us. I logged back on because I was not scared of them!


Finally, I attacked Sam but he sliced me in half and killed me. So the war started but it is now on pause. We now play on Nate’s server and we are the Pog Champ. We will win the soon to be war!

We used our recount skills to make a great storyboard of one of the best novels I have ever read:




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