Innovation Day

What’s popping it’s your boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Waterking. Today I will tell you about Innovation now you what I going to tell you about. Lets get into it.


Kittystars’s family wasn’t impacted at all but however , WaterKing’s family was impacted badly because WaterKing and his brother have health conditions.


Before COVID we were able to breathe “freely” without masks or face coverings, but during COVID, in certain places we were forced to wear masks.


The biggest challenge for both of us was online school because there were so many distractions at home and neither of us could learn anything because the lessons were long and boring.


The hard part of covid for the least fortunate was the cold weather and the lack of medicine and vaccines at their disposal.


What were the positives and negatives of COVID?:


Negative: People were getting sick and some were dying, a lot of kids were converted into homeschooling or lots of kids in school were participating in online school.


Positive: Some kids were happy because their parents worked from home and they saw them more.


Wind Energy:


What is wind energy? Wind energy is the energy of moving air.

What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine is an object that uses kinetic energy to power things.

We are going to incoporate wind energy by using a wind turbine as our base of our ferris wheel and when it turns it creates kintec energy and moves the ferris wheel. 

Water Energy:


What is water energy? Water energy is energy derived from water. Water energy is used when water is moving and people turn it into energy because of how strong the pressure is. When the water pressure is high it creates kinetic energy. Forms of water energy are water clocks and waterwheels. A more recent innovation has been Hydroelectricity, the electricity powerd by water moving over dams.

We are adding water energy in a way that the capsules on the ferris wheel will push the water and create kinetic energy.


Solar Energy:


What is solar energy? Solar energy is energy is energy made from the sun.

What is a solar panel? A solar panel is a board that is made up of silicone, metal and glass that makes energy out of the suns rays.

We are using solar energy by adding solar panels around the outside of the ferris wheel and the solar energy that is being provided from the solar panels is being used to power the glowing Mickey Mouse head in the middle and lots of the extra things like the Animatronics and the gears that run the capsules.


What are some other types of renewable energy?


Hydroelectricity depends on flowing water form one place to another it relies on the force of gravity to ensure that water always flows.Hydroelectricity is electricity produced form multiple generators made from turbines that make energy from the strong flowing water.



Biomass energy is energy produced by once living or living organisims. The most common things to make biomass energy are plants like corn and soy. The energy from these thing can be burned to create heat, or converted to energy.


What are the environmental impacts of wind and solar farms?

Wind farms empact nature, they change the wind direction for migrating birds and the large wind turbine blades are distracting and frightening.


Solar farms empact land and nature, solar panels are made with hazardous chemicals and heavy metals and when people plant the solar panels in the ground the chemicals are released as they’re being used and the chemicals ruin and kill ground.



Ecological impact of wind turbines – IN 60 SECONDS – Bing video

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Solar Farms?  – UGE International

biomass energy (

Hydroelectric power | Definition, Renewable, Advantages, Disadvantages, & Facts | Britannica




Our idea is to make a DisneyWorld ferris wheel with a cute glowing Mickey Mouse head in the middle.

We are using lot’s of renewable energy sources, wind, water and solar. We’re using solar energy by putting solar panels on the perimiater of the ferris wheel and those panels we’ll power the engine, gears, lights and such. We are using water energy because the ferris wheel capsules push the water when the are submerged and creat kinetic water energy. We are using wind energy by also, creating kinetic from the moving wind turbine blades. We are making our prototype by building it, starting with the base, a wind turbine then using decoration items, making it look original and pretty.


Now a picture.

My Football Story

What’s poping it’s yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii WaterKing

Now we can start

In the beginning, there was only…

                                                          …a ball, chequered black and white. At the world cup, it is the final world cup, the final trophy he has to win to complete his collection. The roar of the crowd is in his ears… Wait, wait, wait let me start this story from the beginning!


I am Ezra Grossman and my dream since the beginning of grade 5, I wanted to be a famous soccer player playing on the best team in the world! But I realized I couldn’t be on the best team in the world I would have to create the best team in the world! Since Kindergarten, I didn’t know I had this goal, playing in the courtyard with my friends I always had this thing with soccer – doing bicycle kicks on the field with my friends. I was living it up! Then I was introduced to… girls! 


The girls chased me down so I had to postpone my soccer practice… in the last month I started playing keep-away football (stealing the ball!) we were banned but did we listen – NO – we kept playing. But then I moved schools and homes and now I am at OJCS. The school where my fire really started to burn and I started to shine! Summer came along, and I went to a camp worse than school, it was just like Azkaban! It was a torcher! But at least we went on field trips and we started playing world cup and the fire lit up again… soccer was my passion! That fire continued burning until the last week. Then I went to basketball camp. It was three on three and five on five. I was excellent at basketball. I was on my way to the championships in 3 on 3…. But I screwed up… I missed my shot to get to the top.. We were sent back to the second court. It was over…

But there were 5 on 5! I was the star player… I was still burning down the court, I was helping Luca, pull up the layups. Semi-finals and I screw up the rebound, I fell and messed up my ankle, and I had an asthma attack… my team missed out again. We roll in grade 5 and I was about to create the first team of g.o.a.t’s… I needed to make my own journey to become a pro player. Starting with this team…


…Fast forward 6 years and one immigration later…


Me and my two soccer friends are now living it up in Liverpool, the youngest-ever soccer player in the premier league, playing alongside Mo Salah. It is his final year before retirement… we needed to win. We are in the round-robin to make it to the round of 16, I shoot at the top right-hand corner to assist Salah… BOOM.. it scores… And we are on our way to that sweet sweet trophy in the finals!


Premier League is ours! And goooooo, I’m back in Canada and we have qualified for the world cup OTTAWA 2039! I’m the captain, no matter what we are going into the qualification rounds – we need to get the team fired up! Canada vs England… Grossman was in the centre and Alfonso Davies was right-wing assisting me up top scoring with me were in the round of 16 we were in the semi-finals and bam were in the finals and bam Davies Davies Davies wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww he scores multiple goals but the other team crosses up to beat us but I score the final goal and we win with my goal. Bam we have the trophy I have all the trophies.




What’s popping it’s ya boiiiiiiiii WhateKing

Le  Meilleur sport de l’hiver est curling parce que c’est pog. quel sport faisons-nous bien les canedens c’est le curling. Le Meilleur est Kevin Martin  et vient de l’alberta Allons au Canada wowowo. Le curling est un sport d’équipe, pratiqué sur glace, où deux équipes se relaient pour faire glisser des pierres de granit vers une cible – connue sous le nom de Maison. C’est un sport d’hiver olympique et paralympique avec des disciplines médaillées pour les équipes féminines, masculines, doubles mixtes et mixtes en fauteuil roulant.

More privileges

Dear Mom and Dad,


I would like to have more privileges! I think I should have more privileges because I am ten years old now and I think I can do things by myself and if you give me more and privileges you are helping me become more responsible.


My first reason is that I should be able to spend my own money. I am ten years old now, so I should be able to go to the corner store and buy a few sweets or chips then go to the park. I know karate so I can defend myself just in case someone tries to kidnap me or take my money.


My second reason is that I think I should have a longer curfew. I’m old enough to stay up longer and play outside. All my friends get to so why can’t I? I can go to the park. I can hang out with people. I can stay on the street if you would really like me to. I can listen to you when you want me to stay on our street or if I’m allowed to go off our street. I really want to be able to have a longer curfew! I can play with my friends longer and be outside and have fun longer but I promise I’ll do my homework.


Reason three is that I should have more screen time to play with my friends. Some of my friends I can’t play outside because I can’t play with some people or go to their houses so playing on screens with them could really help to stay connected. I would really like to be able to play video games. I want to play like OverWatch because that’s one of the only games I can play with Jonah. I know that violence is not good and not to play and call and text random people only to talk to the people I know online. 


To conclude, I think I should have more privileges if you want. I can also have more responsibilities and if you want I can also have an alliance please please please can I have more privileges so I can do what I want, spend my own money and have a longer curfew and play video games that have more screen time, please.



The day I got rich… (Self directed Science)

What’s poping it’s yaaaaaaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Waterking!!!!!

So I collaborated with ghostrider1 and zacharyp1 and they built a cave and volcano to show the rock cycle. I built the bidding thingy to show how expensive some rocks and minerals are…. watch the video to see how I got rich!


I loved self directed since because I loved showing my learning when i can act and I enjoyed building. I also liked having audience participation.

Innovation Day!!!!!!!!!

What’s popping its ya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii WaterKing!!!!!!!!

I am here today to tell you about my innovation Day project. We were asked to build a medieval castle with a working drawbridge.

Background information about the Medieval times


A castle is building that protects the lords and the queens and the serfs that work for the lords. Originally,  castles were build out of   wood and in a deep ditch that had a wooden wall around it with houses inside that the lord owned. Now they are made out of stone and bricks because the wood was vulnerable to fire.


a drawbridge is something that protects the people who lives inside the castle. it is a pulley and gears system. it is where you pull a rope and sometimes turn a gear when you let go of the rope the drawbridge will fall and when you pull it in the opposite direction, it will pull up.

Feudal system

The feudal system shows the importance of a person in the middle ages. Now, we got smarter so we are trying to all be equal but we are still working on it! The serfs are at the bottom because we weren’t big brain enough. this means we thought when people were born they weren’t as important as others.

Please see my blog on pulleys




Here are some pictures of me, Waterboiiiii, focusing:




In conclusion, I choose to build a fixed pulley system because each time I tried a moveable pulley it broke. I choose to use cardboard and other tools from the scientist in the school.

If I did this project again I would focus on my gear system first because that was most important and then my castle. I would use a bigger gear with more teeth to move the smaller gear and my pulley system faster.



Do I want to be a pirate?

What’s popping its ya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii WaterKing!

Do I want to be a pirate? No, I would not like to be a pirate, because it would not be fun. There would not be any toilets. It would smell as bad as the middle ages. You would be aimlessly floating on the sea because the map may not even be real. If you actually find the treasure, you will have to share it with your crew and you will get a very little amount of treasure. Overall, being a pirate is not as fun as it semes.

I would rather be a tourist then a pirate in the Caribbean, because I have things to do at home like school. I don’t want go to deserted island I would rather go to the towns and explore them. Also, I don’t want to over heat and get a sun burn on the beach. In conclusion, being a pirate may seem fun at first, but there are other things to do.

(FYI pirates did not say arrrr)


What’s popping its ya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii WaterKing!

Here is my my song:

Alberta is the name of the province I chose

It’s two provinces away from Ontario 

Right next to BC

The Indigenous groups are the Cree and Metis 


The land of the Cree is called Athabasca and Bear Hill

Alberta’s population has over four million people

The capital of Alberta is Edmonton

Alberta is known for the Edmonton Oilers and their beautiful landscape

Alberta’s national flower is the wild roses 


Here are some facts about Alberta 

Alberta has two hockey teams

Alberta is named after Queen Victoria’s daughter

Alberta has the 4th largest supply of oil in the world

Every year the Calgary stampede has a ton of people

this year  there were 1.2 million people


Here is my video: